Goat farming

How To Start Goat Farm

Goat farming is not a New Business, the Goat meat is the tastier than any other meat and its demand is increasing day by day. People love to eat Goat meat in the Dinner or any other special meal of the Day. Due to increasing demand People attracting to this business Because this business required less investment and the profit is more
Goat is the only animal that can survive in the Arid and semi-arid regions. it requires less feed and minimum housing requirement than any other livestock
before starting this business you have minimum knowledge about goat farming. you can also take Goat farming training somewhere near your Region to learn basic about commercial goat farming.
Do follow some steps before starting

Purpose of Goat Farming
first of select clear your why. why you want to start a goat farm and clear your purpose of goat farming than select the goat breed according to your purpose., you want to start for Goat Milk either you want to start for meat or Fiber.

Goad breeds
The selection of goat breeds is quite an important part of starting a goat farm. so select the goat breed which is highly productive and survivability according to your region. you breeds are best in meat or some are best in milk. Some dual-purpose breed has good in both milk and meat production

Goat Housing
Housing plays an important role in the better health of goats. house of the goat should be well ventilated for better air circulation in the house of the Goats. the house should be at height, for better sanitation in the house.
the house dry and hygiene for better growth.

Goat Feed
A better feed gives a better result. the feed included in the per day diet of goat should be Green, Dry and concentrate to increase the weight of goat and enhance the milk production.

Goat farming training
training plays an important role before starting a farm. it is better to learn from others' experiences to avoid losses in the beginning.
Goat farming training.

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